Solheim Design



Pirat in steel was designed in 1966, but was not manufactured before 1972, when both steel and laminated wood were used. Both models were exhibited at the furniture show at Sjølyst, Oslo in Autumn 1973.



The Transit seating system for public transport can be found in boats, ferries, ships and trains, in Norway and abroad. It has been under continuous development since 1979. Manufacturer: Georg Eknes Industries AS.



Stackable chair with desired fabric or leather on foam-moulded seat and back. Comfortable chair in timeless design. Designed in cooperation with Dag Kristian Bjerck, manufacturer is VAD AS.


Solheim Designers AS

Solheim Designers AS work with industrial design and interior architecture. The firm is owned and managed by Elsa Solheim, Industrial Designer (Member of the Norwegian Industrial Design Association) and Kristian Solheim, Interior Architect and Furniture Designer (Member of the Norwegian Interior Design Association). The office address is: Breimvegen 27, 5232 Paradis, Norway. Telephone: +47 55 91 13 70 

Visitors: 560509
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